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Stage Name: BONO G

Evol Adrian Bonkcraft Holness born on June 14,1981 at Kiwanis Clinic. The first of four children from his mother who was a Vendor in Spanish town, originally from Tivoli Gardens, West Kingston. He grew up in the different areas, From Tivoli Gardens in west Kingston to Spanish town (St.Catherine) and then to Greater Portmore. The name Bono G came from a name given to him as a child which was “Bones” , and later he modified it and created a stage name.

Bono G attended Epsom City all age School and later Greater Portmore High school. Bono G has always had lots of love for music from the time he was little. He had many musical icons, but the person who he looked up to most in music was his father, who has now passed away. While at Greater Portmore High, Bono G further developed his love for music, and it was only a matter of time before he had the urge to want to contribute to the music business. During lunch time or whenever there wasn’t any teacher in the class he would make beat with his pencil on the desk leading to a trend which later developed to him writing songs and just free styling.
Bono G has many interests and hobbies, he has much love for football, swimming and supricingly for cooking. Upon leaving high school he then went on to try and make a earning for himself so as to help out his mother and to help maintain his younger siblings. \this led him to go through various Jobs in order to make a living, from a taxi man running the Spanish town route, to working at the Island grill restaurant and he at the sametime he would occasionally help out his mother with her shoe business. 

During all of the time he spent working and helping out his mom, he always found time to pursue his music. He entered various local Competition to let his voice be heard and to show case his talent to the nation. He entered the Tastee talent completion, Digicel Rising Stars and the Big Stone completion. Bono G was and still is focused on pursuing his career in music. Even more now, because he is the father of Joshua Holness. Bono G has made many tacks since he started music. Some of these include “ If everything is oki” , and “ love is like a sweet bitter pain” which seem to be many of his admirers and fans favorite.

Bono G's recording output has picked up considerably. He currently has Six songs on the market: What is Love, Island in the Sun, Pretty Eyes, High, Come On and If Everything is Okay. Bono G is pleased with the substance of each but says What is Love highlights his versatility back in 2012 in an interview with the Observer (A local jamaican news paper) Produced by Omar Gentles for Yard Life Entertainment, If Everything is Okay was actually recorded five years ago. What is Love was produced by Omar Curry for Smart Kid Productions while Jamar 'Ratigan' Kelly produced Come On. He also has a few collabos
At Greater Portmore High, Bono G was a member of the Vibes Machine harmony quintet. One of its members was a gangly singer named Cliffroy Taylor, who went on to find success as roots singer I Wayne. His attension finally came from Gentles who recorded If Everything is Okay. It was released five years ago but Kelly and Gentles recently stepped up promotion for the song which about three years ago, according to Bono G, has a "nice energy."

His musical journey picked up at a high note last year December 2014 when he's music "Island in the Sun" was forwarded by Jahlawrence to Marie Abana of the Reggae Earth United Movement and was featured in the www.reggaeearthunited.com website Play N Vote Top10. (The Play N Vote Top10 Reggae program is a monthly Charts with public vote online. Only the local jamaican artists are eligible to enter in these musical charts. The weekly countdown is a part of the program developped online on VRL and KETCHDIS radios with selector UK Rondon and DJ RasD. Also mixed by Deejay Bluemoon and other DJs.) Bono G is now set participate on the oncoming THE TOP10 REGGAE "PLAY N VOTE" 2015/2016 AWARDS to be held in Kingston, Jamaica. Read More:  REGGAE AWARDS 2015  Bono G is invited as one of the host of the Top 10 Reggae Music Award ceremony. The main reason for his nomination is due to his musical commitment for representing the very best of jamaican reggae dancehall revealed with his song "Island In The Sun" and this "It" voice needed to positively inspire and delight the music lovers worldwide
His song "Island In The Sun" is a very happy and soulful song he created to highlight the beauty and togetherness of his country, will be the official song used as audio background promotion of the award ceremony. This song reflects Bono G's views about the yard culture and lifestyle of Jamaica, written for the JCDC 2014 Festival song organized by the Ministry of Youth and Culture of Jamaica. The song "Island In The Sun" was produced by Jahlando and JJ Wizzle from BMG in 2014. The song was in the top 10 of the JCDC. "They were warm, says Bono G, I was loved by the Team and we toured apart of Jamaica to the big stages... It was a great experience".

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