Thursday, 5 March 2015


Today i have an issue to put a cross or should i call it a thought? Anyway been seeing alot of us on social media complaining about this and that what happened to the black race ages ago and what seems to be happening now. We have put so much painful history in our minds such that it takes us time to notice the good things that we have and are able to achieve.

Black this black that, White this white that c'mon ya'll. We like the biggest race after the chinese i guess and we keep on complaining of oppotunities, why cant we create some ourselves and help our brothers and sisters?

Hip hop this, hip hop that, yeah you all know what happend to music and its not the fault of those that sing crap, but guess what, they are making a leaving out of it while you are seating there and chewing beef.

We have beautiful models, Actors, musicians, lawyers, doctors and many more successful people of colour and we still dont see the importance of working together as a team to make things better for us all...well this is a point to chew on.... what if yall supported a particular business, what if yall desided to change and focus on building the future, what if yall decided to lend a helping hand on a brother in need, what if yall  decide that i will not help the system by posting, sharing or commenting degrading material to our race etc imagine the difference we would make, imagine the stories we would share Hmm just a thought ...#BlackAndProud A head full of tears has no room for creativity #Teambluemoon

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