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Jamaican Dancehall deejay Blak Ryno was born on December 1984, Portmore, Jamaica.  His real name Romaine Anderson who grew up in Waterford and attended school at Bridgeport High.  Black Ryno always remained positive despite the negitivity around him. Ryno used to preform his music talent in high school.  It wasn’t until he was around 16 years of age when he joined up with a Seven man group called the East Side.  From then his love for music continued.  Blak Ryno knew he had to make a big decision with his carear after he left school, either work or sing.  He choose the impossible task to become a DeeJay in Jamaicans competitive music industry hoping to come out on top.

As time past Black Ryno wanted to advance his singing ability, so he contacted one of his close friends who was a DJ in the local Waterford area.  He had asked if he could get in contact with Jamaican superstar “Vybz Kartel” and show him what he can bring to the table.  Lucky for Ryno he got the chance to preform in front of Vybz the following month and executed his voice and rhythm.  Addi Palmer aka Vybz really liked what he saw.  Though Vybz wanted to make sure if Ryno was right for the job by bringing him to a studio with a very experienced old school DeeJay.  He had given the thumbs up and told vybz he should sign him because he is right for the job.  From that moment on he entered the very powerful “Portmore Empire” camp.

Ryno knew instinctivy that he needed his own style to stand out in the industry.  He had to bring something to the table that you wouldnt normally hear in the Dancehall music industry.  He would had to prove himself before Vybz would bring him in under his wing.  As time progressed his voice not only changed for the best, but his unique flow was the missing link in what the industry needed.  From the moment he was able to prefect his talent things started falling on his lap.  His first ever recorded single was Shelle-le-le off of the Siren Riddim in 2005 that got a lot of buzz on the streets. Once talk got out that Ryno has potential to become a new superstar, major artist in the industry started to keep an eye on him.
With all of Rynos hard work by proving himself in the competitive market paid off.  In 2007 one of the hottest DeeJay in Jamaica Vybz Kartel signed him officially under the “Portmore Empire”Adidjaheim Records where he would become Vybz Kartel right hand man.  Vybz was able to send Ryno across the Caribbean to places like Barbados and Guadeloupe to get him used to live preforming.  Ryno preformed as far as France and Switzerland with a very large crowd.  Soon enough Blak Ryno came out with videos and was able to be put on some of the most popular riddims that where out in the past couple of years.  Some of his hit songs where Bike Back, Bawl Out and Money Haffi Mek.
As the Portmore Empire was growing tension started rise.  Black Ryno decided to leave the empire and go on his own.  This put a dent in the Gaza Camp because Ryno was second in command to Vybz Kartel and contributed just more than music.  Ryno told a popular Jamaican radio station “Mi a leave the Empire...” and still claims that he still keeps in contact with most of the members from Gaza.
Blak Ryno is now a free agent and continues on his own to get back to where he was.  Ryno has grown mentally in the industry and keeps staying on the positive side and moving away the negative vybes.

Interesting Facts:
The name Blak Ryno was given to him by his friends when he used to play football.  Blak because of his completion, and strong like a Ryno.
Its still up for debate weather Blak Ryno’s house was fire bombed, or there was an electrical problem.  (Ryno chooses not to answer that question)
Might be changing his name to “Ryno Di Stinger“.
Fans speculate that Vybz Kartel was scared that Ryno was going to out rank him.  Blak Ryno verse in Strip Club Medley 2009 compared to Vybz Kartel.
Feburary 25, 2010 Blak Ryno house was shot up at his Waterford home.

Biography Care of: http://www.rrrmusic.com/


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