Saturday, 10 October 2015

Vershon Biography

UP-AND-COMING dancehall artist Vershon is currently creating a stir in the dancehall with his debut single Inna Real Life. He is hoping to better that with his latest track Ruff up the World.
"The single is really just talking of what the young man has gone though.  came to learn about Version as i was doing my online music research and walla there he was with more than 100k views on youtube i felt abit dissapointed that i had not heard of him with all my years in deejaying bizz..hmm oooh well now i do.

Vershon (given name Adrian Brown) said he believes his captivating image and witty lyrics will keep him ahead with the musical competition.
"It's not easy keeping relevant in the industry as there are new faces emerging everyday. For me, the aim is to maintain an image that will make me stand out in the crowd. Complemented with that, is my catchy lyrics that will either leave persons dancing like crazy or just meditating on the message," said Vershon, who sports a tattooed hairline.

The deejay said he has had a passion for the art since he was nine years old. That passion, according to him, would sometimes see him skipping classes at Greater Portmore High School in St Catherine and visiting studios with the hopes of getting his musical break.
His break would, however, come after deejay Mr G introduced him to producer Christopher Birch a little over a year ago. That meeting resulted in Boom.
"Boom is dance single which is directed at the females. I am really grateful, as it continues to get good rotation on the airwaves and is a favourite in the dancehall sessions," he said.
His other singles included Missing You, Biggest Strength and Man De Ya.

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