Friday, 2 October 2015

Shav A Biography

Shavanique Allen aka Shav-a, was born in the Sunshine City of Portmore St. Catherine.  She is the fifth of nine siblings of her Father Admiral Tibet, a prominent figure in the reggae music industry. The vivacious yet shy singer has a refreshing soulful sound and a knack for the R&B/Pop genre of music, and as such has been inspired by Artists such as Celine Dion, Beyonce Knowles, and Whitney Huston to name a few.
Shav-A began singing at the tender age of ten but revealed her true talent when she was about sixteen years old, she got the support of her family and friends to continue a career in music. She strives for improvement in any way she can and has performed at karaoke events, hotel talent shows and on her school and church choir. Being grounded in her roots she promotes fun, love, happiness, positivity and consciousness in her music.
 Her first and only single “Dance the Night Away” done on the 1ST Klass Rhythm a Bonner yard Production is getting major rotation on the local radio stations.  With its catchy lines the song appeals to individuals who just want to leave their troubles behind, party and have a great time.
Shav-a has already captivated the hearts of most with her pure and natural talent, and plans to continue doing great music. Her aim is to attain international success and believes that hard work is the only way to accomplish such an achievement.


'Can’t Get Enough’ Shav-a’s hit single is a great phenomenon to the music industry. #bluebox promo
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