Wednesday, 14 October 2015

BlueBox AfroCharts Extra [Kenyan Experience]

[Bluebox Afro Charts]African music has been on the rise the past few years with artists releasing new and quality songs accompanied by professional taken videos. With Nigerian music being on the for front, Afro music has earned a mark in the world music and is recognized as it competes with the European and the American markets and getting several artists featured on the Billboards, B.E.T Awards and many more. Bluebox has taken this chance to introduce more artist to the international market through its charts (Bluebox Afro Charts) So if you dont hear it out there you will definately hear it with us.  The chart Mixtapes are  made by  contributing Deejay Swift Skillz and Deejay Bluemoon. this Months mixtape, we desided to focus on kenyan music which has also been growing over the years. This mixtape has been made by deejay swift skillz 1. Moto Wa Kuotea Mbali - Kansoul Ft. Nameless
2.Nyongwa - The Konsoul 
3.Tukimalisia - Rankaddah Ft. RapDamu 
4. Dumbala Rmx - Jay A fT. Sage , Kkenrazy, Vsita ,Madtraxx 
5. AYaya - Majig Mike ft. Kris 
6.Eish - Buganya, Petra , Ulopa, Kristoff , Yvonne , Abass
7.Kupick - Ulopa Ngoma 
8.Tunakubali - Timmy Ft. The Kansoul 
10.Open Door - Kaligraph Jones 
11.Kukachora - Kaligraph Jones , Rabbit and kristoff

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