Monday, 7 April 2014


"WOAH" it's "CHARLYYYYY!" He is best known as the man with the hit singles "Buddy Buddy" "Backshot Time” “Bubble” which was later followed by his next hit single "Rich This Year".Charly was previously known as “Toni Mentol” in the late 90s and during that time Tony Matterhorn changed his name to “Toni Mentally Ill”, therefore Charly changed his was name to the name we all know today Charly Black because of similarities between the two and the fact that he didn't want to be compared to anyone else.

Charly was born in and raised in Rio Bueno, Trelawny in Jamaica West Indies. As a teen he recorded his first track in 2004 for Tree Top Records entitled “Woman is You” and cut a series of melodies during that year that started off his whole career.Some of his influences and inspirations in his own words were Bounty Killer "Killer is my general", Beenie Man, Yellow Man, Josey Wales,Terror Fabulous, Vybz Kartel, Buju Banton and the legendary Bob Marley. Recently voicing a song with Sean Paul, Timberlee, Merciless, Fambo and many others. In Charly’s words "it's all about working because music is life and Charly Black is putting out music".

In early 2011 he shifted from the dancehall music to his recent efforts toward the more down to earth lovable
approach with a record like "Fall In Love Again" a Troytan Production and a successful high end HD quality music video which was charted at number two and emerged amongst his list of biggest hits to date. Later this year, Charly will be launching a few of his own personal projects which includes "Nuh Trupidnis",Trelawny Citizens Movement and his record label MultiTalented Music. Charly's recognition as a young artist is his greatest achievement in 2011 and Charly Black will continue to re-create the excitement of the past, present and future of dancehall music with new slants like "COOL NUH MAN" and "Nuh Trupidnis". Charly remains active touring and progressing to this day.



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