Sunday, 4 January 2015


There has been serious debate over the time about the content the music nowadays have. Some artists, music co-operations, religious groups, activists and even some outspoken members of the society have raised alarm but nothing seems to happen. 
What makes me laugh at times is the ignorance some so called artists, would want to portray themselves as self righteous and speak against the current music, having bad language, the way it demoralizes the women and the society where as they are using bad language to speak this out. what change are you bringing if you yourself is not walking what you preach? 

Music is wide and general and it all depends on what you are promoting with it. It sounds really funny when someone comes and says that the art of music has been spoilt, people are singing gabbage, rubbish and they have no skill or talent. What is talent, what is skill, what is art? you have to ask your selves this first before you judge. does he sound good, can he or she really sing, are they creative, if so then you are in the avarta world of your own ignorance. 

My view is that music has taken a commercial turn and is used to promote agendas, New model cars, bling bling, other cultures, Pornography, cosmetics and other products, it no longer teaches and entertains the community as it did before but actually entertains this new generation's lifestyle. If i lived in the ghetto/projects or was born in the streets, hustled all my life to do things the right way and i get no correct feedback would you blame me? Ff i thought this was the idea way rather than strapping my waist with a cold 9 millimeter to robe a bank or an innocent civilian would you blame me? if this was the way i could feed my family after being let go from work because my boss is chopping off expenses would you still blame me?

I know this article will bring about mixed feelings, others would say i spoke the truth others will be like am an opportunist, but i call a spade a spade not a big spoon.
The thing is i think we should find a different way to deal with the system. Truth be told most of this funny
music is by black people ever wondered why? from Hip Hop to Dancehall Music. People's mindset has been put to believe that this is the right way to things, Most of this music get crazy air play unlike the rest and become more popular than the good old music that we used to have back in the day. Fame, "SUCCESS" and "MONEY" that comes with it blinds the entire generation. I think if we support the right music to a serious level, through huge concerts, massive air play, Proper branding, build a cool hype way of saying good and clean reggae/R&b, Hip Hop music is cool believe me you will see the difference and as strong black people we need to support the artists out there doing good music and teaching all the youths dem good morals. Lets not wait for a musical "jesus" when we can bring this changes our selves. It starts with YOU and ME. 
I know some of you will say, well as a deejay i should lead by example well, show me i can put food on the table with this concept and watch me make all the noise i can- Follow me at Deejay Bluemoon


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