Monday, 26 January 2015


That moment when you started being too comfortable,
that very moment when you started reasoning,
that very first time you practically refused to let go of an issue,
you triggered this brutality, this insanity this cowardly act.

Power comes from up above, they said
respect those in authority, do not question just act,
when someone slaps you on this chick turn the other,
patience pays, and success comes to those who wait,

Talking to much was a dangerous act,
but you have the right of speech,
seeing too much is not good for you,
but you were given not one but two eyes,
if education is the key,
then why is it to expensive for we?

Something is not right here, Things are not adding up,
there is only one way to certain directions
going up, actually requires you to go up
and that is how it all started,
hatred was spread in ways we thought was normal
it was funny to share  that video online of some guy kicking the hell out of that drunk
it was paying well to talk funny, act funny and dilute your lyrics

You were the puppet, you were the teacher,
you were that father, who bailed on his child,
you were the executioner, you were the deejay
you, you, you..
get your act together, pick up from when you left
everybody falls down, what matters is how many get up
be slow to act and quick to reason during a confrontation
There is power in the people!!

Jah Bless! -Deejay Bluemoon


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