Sunday, 7 September 2014


Hope Uganda's Fashion Industry changes for the best, where bloggers and tabloids stop finding ways to pull down fashioners, where, models and Agencies stop throwing blames at each other and work as a team, where photographers stop sharing models picture before seeking permission of the said model, where the market stops sharing private pics of models or any other involved party, Where fashion event and organizers and Modeling Agencies stop holding fashion shows in clubs (Makes no sence at all) Where, models pose in bikinis at 12pm in club, where modeling managers and promoters stop taking advantage of their models, Where models understand that modeling is a career and not a partime job and actually research on fashion. (If you are beautiful or tall doesnt make you a model) (not every model was meant for the runway) Where people speak the truth and corporate companies respect the agencies policies. Ooh how we wait" - Deejay Bluemoon


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