Friday, 13 November 2015

Its about time the world heard some of Africa's greatest dancehall artists. This mixtape is a compilation of dancehall artists from Uganda with very nice music that will get you dancing despite of your background. you know its said that with music there is no language barrier your body understands it. So get dancing downloading and sharing. #Support bluebox

1.Everything _maro
2.Ready to party - Kemishan
3.tonsomola -dyno classics
4.Around here - kemishan
5.bakuwe kyonywa- nutty neithan
6.Selecta (x-MIx) Cindy
7.NoNsense -Apass
8.Am searching - Sizza
9.Malidadi - Sheebah
10.Never Never - Coco Finger
11.Better Dance- Ak 47
12.Blessings - Pter Miles Ft Demarco
13.Born fighter- Mun G tf chamelion
14.Nsaali -Sheebah
15.Tebakusobola- young Mulo
16.FrontLine-Peter Miles
17.Number One- Fidempanever


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