Sunday, 13 September 2015

Contrary to other contemporary musics like hip hop and EDM, reggae culture is hyper-aware of its rich musical history, and Meddi Riddim is a good example of how this history lives on through current releases. With a feel-good vibe, Meddi incorporates the earthiness and laid back tempo of roots reggae while employing a danceable bounciness that can be traced through 80’s and 90’s dancehall back to early reggae of the late 60’s. In other words, this riddim (and reggae/dancehall/riddim culture in general) is timeless and will fit right in at the local dance whether selectors in your part of the world prefer vintage reggae/dancehall, contemporary reggae/dancehall, or a mix of the two.  Da Works are a bit of a mystery, referenced as Da Works Production, Da Works Music, and Da Works Enternational in various places throughout the internet. 

With very little available information and even an uncertainty about what the label is called, there are only a few things that can be said about this album with any reliability: Meddi Riddim is Da Works’ first juggling to be released to a broad audience and it is an extraordinarily strong project, especially for a first release.

 Part of what makes Meddi a strong first juggling for Da Works is the lineup of artists included in the release. However the roster is also unnecessarily large at eighteen total contributors, and a riddim album of this size can be intimidating to listeners who are not accustomed to hearing the same beat played on a loop.

 Those dedicated enough to sift through the heft of theMeddi release will find some gems from popular artists - Anthony B’s Don’t Stop Trying, Turbulence’s Love You Always, and Give Thanks To Life from “One Blood” Junior Reid, whose long anticipated The Living Legend album also dropped in August. Dig just a little deeper and find many more quality tunes from talented, but slightly lesser-known reggae artists like Bascom X,Chezidek, Chrisinti, Mr. Perfect, Junior X, and Zamunda. 

By Dan Dabber

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Meddi Riddim
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