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Reggae Recording Artist 
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I-Kamau (singer/song writer) is formally known as Davion Mcfarlane, born in the original capital of Jamaica, Spanish Town. Davion picked the name “I-Kamau” after being inspired by Mutabaruka’s “Cutting Edge” radio show on Irie FM, one Wednesday night in 2006.

Davion attended the Old Harbour High School, where he pursued the vocational area of fine arts; though he had the aspiration to become a medical doctor. However, approximately two years after his high school graduation, he discovered the passion for music inside his heart and soul. He started his musical journey conventionally by practising a cabaret of the lyrics and melodies selected from the catalog of artists who
inspired him; such initially comprised Sizzla, Jah Cure and I Wayne. Later he developed his own unique style, crowned by his smooth melodic voice.

Ikamau means “Silent Warrrior“, which perfectly describes the artist's natural character. The name itself is emanated in Kenya by the Kikuyu tribe culture, which is associated to the Mau Mau Warriors, militant Rasta freedom fighters, which lead the Kenyan anticolonial struggle and liberated Kenya from the English colonial rule. I-Kamau silent battle resonate the detonation of a lyrical and melodic ammunition striking against injustice, inequality, political oppression, ignorance and segregation on the path of all African people. Therefore in his lyrics he generally address topics which relates to the things he is protesting, while concurrently promoting, balance, spirituality, love and righteousness.

I-Kamau can be primarily considered as a cultural reggae artist, however his vocal capability makes it easy
for him to sufficiently venture into different genres of music, such as neo-soul and rhythm and blues. In the past he performed by the side of renowned artists such as Aidonia, Bushman, Lady Saw and Tommy Lee. It is believed that I-Kamau got his voice from his mother ‘Marjorie McDougal,’ who was a backup singer in the Christian Band “Joan Flemings and the inspired” in the early nineties. Currently I-Kamau is a member of Native Tribe Music group, with which he’s working on his debut album “Gideon Time,” but concurrently closely working on new singles with Slingshot Records Jamaica.

I-Kamau is astoundingly fresh and will be refreshment to the current reggae revival movement, taking place among the current reggae sensations in Jamaica, therefore keep a keen ear to the vocal harp I-Kamau.

The year begun on the right note for IKamau for his Nomination to Top Ten Music on www.reggaeearthunited.com a reggae based community website that promote and inspire new talent and reggae music. His song "Gideon Time" Scooped the first position. More of IKamau's new songs will be featured on my new mixtape this coming month of march 2015 be on the look out. Ikamau is indeed that artist to look out for this year #IkamauToTheWorld!


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