Saturday, 27 December 2014


Ever seen someone who just looks like a star? What does a “star” even look like? Obviously something like 27 year old singer/songwriter DeLorean, People constantly stop him in public and tell him so. “What do you do?” they ask emphatically. Simply put, he was born to make great music; Although he’s been singing since he could talk, DeLorean has evolved into the complete musician he is today. He has cleared a lane for himself, honing his singing & songwriting skills and working on his own independent record companies Swagga Boyz Entertainment & Get It Grew.

Chicago, IL bred singer, songwriter DeLorean is quickly establishing his brand in the areas of business and music. Rarely does an entertainer experience success in business prior to being discovered, and without the usual prerequisites of celebrity parents or being groomed to do so. Since his early childhood DeLorean's had star quality. He exudes swagger and his facial expression says cheese even before he flashes his million dollar smile. He possesses the “it factor” that’s so hard to define but one word that encompasses his aura is greatness.

As a kid he admired R.Kelly, so by listening to him at an early age ignited a fire in DeLorean and he soon
discovered his own ability to reach people through song. We all know, or have seen, someone so gifted they can play instruments by ear and naturally sing on key. The only challenge that remains is sharpening their skills and learning the business, and the sky is the limit. DeLorean has accomplished both feats with no formal training. He began singing at 11 years old as just a hobby, but once he left chicago's greenline train at age 12 with $40 after singing for the first time publicly it became evident he was a special talent. While attending high school, working and trying to making it out of chicago's westside streets, he launched Swagga Boyz Entertainment ( and has since accumulated more than some major artists in the same amount of time. Since then he has trained his mind and body for that purpose; rising before the sun to run, workout, and rehearse before rushing off to class. Staying fit and drug free helps him maintain his focus, leaving no time for anything not in harmony with his goal.



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