Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Who is MARO?
Born Magada Ronald to a humble police officer’s family  form one of the most popular tribe and region Busoga, eastern Uganda. 27yrs old, third year DVS student Makerere: A God fearing, out-going and open minded man.

Who was MARO before he joined the music industry?
Well, quit focused man who wrote a lot of songs and a dreamer. Worked at Cineplex cinemas in 2007 after my senior 6. Made as many friends as I could.

When did you start your music?
2010 with ‘’Toneeraga’’ collabo with the popular bobie wine’s brother, Mikie wine and Empress.

Who inspired you to join the music industry?
I had a lot of things I thought I would love to share with the population and voices like steve jeans’ and Maurice Kirya got me to follow vocalist not reggae or any other style I saw communicated to the people.

What challenges did you face as an upcoming musician?
People not giving an ear and their fear to discover a new voice or talent I had to give to Uganda.

What scarifies have you made to make it big into the industry?
A lot of time from the time I dreamt and chased this! Self-vocal training self-guidance and endurance of whatever criticism both from non-supportive family by then so, I took the hate that now has turned into the unconditional love. lol

What inspires you when you’re writing your music?
Environment and day to day life both mine and the people I meet  Basically Life experiences.

Tell us more about your music?I do a mix of rnb and afro with a lot of dancehall ingredient in it.
Have worked with many artistes all over the world with collaborations from Uganda, Nigeria, Zambia Tanzania, Kenya, Jamaica,U.S.A, and more are coming. Performed in Rwanda thrice, going to Zambia in june, heading to Europe later this year. Lets say music got me the life, nice clothes, and the visas in my passport. I live it I eat it I will die of it.

Kyokoba, did I get it right?, this song is making a great buzz all over east Africa, enlighten us on feelings behind it, sounds This is a Lusoga word to mean ‘’what ever you say’’  And the song is alove story. I did nt talk about my writing of many stories while I sat quit in my child hood  so, here it is! I write a song or story and I act and feel it as the character in question a man craving for love. That is why I put a lot of feeling in this particular song plus I want the lusoga language to have a special feeling when listened to. Because, as you know now that every one despises our Busoga , I wanna make em dance to it and listen to it and enjoy it; It has work though.

Tell us about vocal police, and who is in it?We have Hameem Hassan, Ronnie stamina, Nutty neithan, Van Dtata, Empress, Evan vocal and me. We are a year old together now had other members who left us for example Ray signature and Bkri mat, before we acturaly got this a pronounced name we gat now. I started this movement of friend musicians under this umberalla January 25th 2011 before I got people join me.W e work under no contract we are just friends fighting for the same cause and helping out each other on archiving the stardom dream.

What artist's do you want to work with both locally and internationally if you had a chance?
Cris brown, Damian marley, Beenie man, Ali kiba, wyre ,etc 

On the same note how was it working with Jamaican Artist Denyque? We have heard the premier is on Friday is it? Yeah, this was great working with a real artiste, no offense but, she is a real artiste because I sent her my lyrics, just words  and the way she put the melody on to these words was amazing. I love it and I will work with her again.

What's your take on beef in the music sector?
People love it but, I do not enjoy it, I let the music talk!

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Bigger artiste, entrepreneur  and the best talent manager.

Any last words to your fans?
I love them all so much and much more in stoke for them
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